After school tutoring
At Ohr HaLimud’s Multi- Sensory Learning Center we provide 1:1 tutoring and language therapy for children and young adults who have dyslexia and cannot read, write, spell or comprehend on grade level.
We utilize the specialized research based Orton-Gillingham Approach. Our tutors are Orton-Gillingham trained and are under the supervision of a Fellow of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Educators and Practitioners, which is incorporated under the NY State Board of Regents.Each student who applies to the center is screened carefully to make sure that our research based multi-sensory approach meets their specific educational needs, assuring maximum success in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension.
We work very closely with our student’s parents as well as the child’s school in order to guide them in understanding the specific leaning and emotional needs of the dyslexic student. For more information please call: Prices are on a sliding scale
718-972-0170 ext. 101
Our children MUST Read!... Don't You AGREE?