The Ohr HaLimud "Lighting the Road to READING" Story….

by Mrs. Leah David, MS
Founder and Executive Director 

When a bright  4 year old asks, “Mommy, why is the moon following me?”- what do you say? All I could say was, “The moon loves you. What I was really thinking was that when this bright child learns to READ, she will find out why the moon is following her. But what if she can’t read? What happens to a child who just cannot learn to read? What if all the standard reading methods don’t help this child learn to read. When then!  Should she be labeled failure? Should she be condemned to sit in a classroom bored and out of the loop? What will become of this child?

As a dedicated mother I had to find out why my very child was not learning to read. I began my journey when I found out that she had dyslexia and that she needed a multi-sensory approach to learning. I discovered the Orton-Gillingham Approach and the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. They recommended a tutor for my child. After meeting with the tutor I realized that this was the perfect approach for my daughter. I was hopeful.  I prayed that she would become a reader. but I was really scared! What if this didn't work? 

I soon realized that after doing some research that there was a no school in our community that specialized in dyslexia or Orton-Gillingham. Where would my child go to school and who would teach her?

So with everything I had and a good dose of determination I opened up an Orton-Gillingham Multi- Sensory Girls School. Our  school opened in September 2003 with 3 students. Today, just 13 short years later we have multiple classes and have sent more than 110  children back to their community schools READING and ready to SUCCEED.

In January of 2004 we began our  Orton-Gillingham after School Tutoring and Learning Center to help students who could not attend our school.  I soon realized that without more Orton-Gillingham Trained Language therapists we could not meet the needs of all of those who were reaching out to us for help.  

In January of 2005, The (EGL) Family Foundation Teacher Training Program was instituted so that we could offer scholarships for teacher training in the Orton-Gillingham Approach. We have trained over 100 new Orton-Gillingham Language Therapists. Studies have shown that almost 15% of the population struggles with dyslexia. We more need more Orton-Gillingham trained teachers!

Since the day that we opened, we have received over 5000 calls from concerned parents whose children cannot read or are having problems in school. I am aware that most families today cannot afford this specialized program. Please don’t let this stop you from getting the help that you need for your child. Parents call me crying because they have tried many things and nothing works. Our program really works. We are changing the face of education! We believe that we will make the difference.  

Scientific data and validated research suggest that early intervention, educational enrichment and proper remediation can prevent a lifetime of learning struggle.

Oh, by the way, my 21-year-old star gazer, is now a TEACHER. She is also  never without a book in her hands. 
We are ready to help! We believe every child has the right to learn to READ"