The Ohr HaLimud Paradigm

The paradigm for the Ohr HaLimud Girls School is based on the Orton Gillingham Approach to teaching Reading and Language skills.  Our goal is to teach reading, writing, spelling, comprehension and higher thinking skills to students with average to above average intelligence that have “failed” in traditional school settings due to dyslexia.  When these students have achieved a sustainable level of  educational and social success, we transition them back to their community schools with the skills and knowledge to  learn and succeed.

 The foundation of our program is the daily 1:1 Orton-Gillingham sessions. The language skills that are learned in these sessions are reinforced in the classroom throughout the day. The students attend these lessons as part of their daily schedule, and no student misses out on a lesson, or is “pulled out” for services.  

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 Classrooms consist of up to 12 students, one Special Education teacher and one teaching assistant. This provides our students with the one-to-one and small group instruction found to be most beneficial for students with Dyslexia.  
 We are a non-graded school, with classes formed primarily according to age group.