The Orton-Gillingham Approach  is a multisensory  approach to the teaching of reading, writing, spelling, and handwriting. 
It includes decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension training for reading.  It includes encoding (spelling), handwriting, and sentence structure for writing. The Orton-Gillingham Approach spirals upward in a continuum of skills based on the structure of the language.  It is an ungraded system, appropriate for use with all ages and all grades.
The Orton-Gillingham Approach was developed over 70 years ago by a neurologist, Dr. Samuel T. Orton, specifically to teach the student with dyslexia.  In collaboration with other professionals, namely social worker June Lyday Orton, psychologist and grammarian Anna Gillingham, speech pathologists Katrina de Hirsch and Molly Masland,  master teacher Bessie Stillman, and others, the Orton-Gillingham Approach draws on the strength of many disciplines. These enlightened professionals created a scientific, diagnostic-prescriptive clinical approach to teaching the language (English, Hebrew, etc.) based on its linguistic structure, using multi-sensory strategies (seeing, hearing, touching, movement) 
SIMULTANEOUSLY  so as to create a consistent neural pathway to assist memory. As each skill is mastered, it is practiced to automaticity and integrated into previous learning for fluency.

Orton-Gillingham training at Ohr HaLimud follows the curriculum and practicum guidelines of the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practioners and Educators -- the certifying and accrediting body in this field.  Our Orton-Gillingham Consultant, Amy Bailin, is a Founding Fellow and Trustee of the Academy.