Needs of the Dyslexic Learner


Ø  Organized, structured presentations of ALL linguistic material

Explicit instruction of linguistic material

Many opportunities for drill and practice for automaticity. (For a dyslexic, mastery= automaticity and fluency, not understanding. They understand the work, but can’t retrieve it when needed)

Sequential, cumulative instruction for ALL linguistic material.

Multi-sensory instruction

Experiential learning.

Explicit instruction for organizational skills, with practice.

Regular evaluations for modifications and/or accomodations. (Extended time, test venues, readers and/or scribes with excellent language skills, use of technology with appropriate training, extra set of books to keep at home, etc.)

Orton-Gillingham Approach (or derivative program) for reading, spelling, writing- delivered by a fully TRAINED professional.

Understanding of self and learning needs, ego supports.

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