To suspect a diagnosis of dyslexia, a cluster of symptoms must be evident.
NOT JUST ONE SYMPTOM! No two people with dyslexia are exactly alike. No one will
have every single symptom, and the symptoms that are evident can range from mild to
severe. Most dyslexics will exhibit MANY of the following traits or behaviors. These can
vary from day to day, or minute to minute. Non-dyslexics may experience some symptoms,
but not to the same degree or frequency. This check list should be completed by the
teacher and any other remedial person working with the child. The parents should also be
consulted at this time as it is appropriate.
Dyslexia is NOT
• a sign of poor intelligence                                                               Dyslexia Screening
• a result of laziness or not caring
• a disease
• cured with pills and diets
• an eye problem
• NOT outgrown.
Dyslexia IS
A language based disorder that interferes with all aspects of academic learning.
Dyslexics need a structured, sequential, multi-sensory educational plan with trained
teachers, in order help the child reach her full learning potential.
Dyslexic children can and will succeed in learning when taught properly.
The attached screening should be completed for children who are lagging
in developmental growth based on their current grade level.
If after the screening you notice an excessive amounts of 3ʼs and 4ʼs (more than 8)
then it is very likely that this child may be a candidate for one of Ohr HaLimudʼs
Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory reading programs.
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